Do I need additional supplements?

Harrys Choice already includes HiFORM supplements in order to achieve the perfect nutritional balance for your horse. When following the recommended feed rates nothing else needs to be added. If your horse has any conditions, injuries, decreased health and wellbeing additional supplements may be required. Please contact us to chat with a Nutritionist. enq@harryschoice.com.au or 1300 GO HARRYS

How long will my Harrys Choice Feed remain fresh?

To retain freshness it is important to correctly store your feed away from the elements including direct sunlight and water, preferably in an airtight container or drum and ideally off the ground where possible (refer to PRODUCTS page for full details).

Is Harrys Choice a complete feed?

Yes, it is a complete feed. It is important to follow the feed rates recommended for your horse. It may need to be topped up with the corrosponding HIFORM supplement in order to meet daily requirements. Adequete folage is also important; giving your horse access to pasture when possible and proving good quality hay.
For additional information about HIFORM's supplements please contact our Equine Nutritionist on enq@harryschoice.com.au or 1300 GO HARRYS or complete their free feed profile

Why should I change to Harrys Choice for my horse?

Harrys Choice feeds are unlike any other in the level of roughage, grains, natural antioxidants and supporting nutrients. They assist with the reduction of oxidative stress, the detox process and help improve bone health and digestive disorders.

How do I order Harrys Choice?

Visit the STOCKIST page on the website to find a retail store that's close to you. If there isn't one, please ask your local stockfeeds store to get in contact with us and we will assist them in becomming a Harrys Choice stockist. OR Contact us on enq@harryschoice.com.au or on 03 50322 553 and we will assist you with your order.

How does Harrys Choice donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation?

Moulamein Grain Services trading as Northern Valley Stockfeeds have the authority to donate, conduct and participate in fundraising appeals and or raise awareness on behalf of the Cystic Fibrosis Australia under the fundraising act of 1998. CFA is a registered charity and is accountable for all funds raised.

Where are the ingredients sourced from?

All ingredients are sourced locally with the majority grown right here in the Mallee of Victoria. We ensure all ingredients are of the highest standard. Harrys Choice is produced in an Organic Certified Mill and include HIFORM's formulations which are produced in a HCCAP and food certified facility.