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Why Choose Harrys?

We use no by-products, preservatives or fillers

By-products and fillers are not a natural part of the horses' diet and provide no nutritional value, they add unnecessary bulk to the feed.

The horses’ digestive system does not recognise or understand how to break down these by-products,

preservatives or fillers; which increases the likelihood of inflammation and digestive issues.

Dust free product content

All the ingredients in Harrys Choice is of the highest standard and are cleaned during production to limit the amount of dust. High quality oil is used in all feeds, which aside from providing a nutritional component, also assists in the formation of the feed locking in the freshness. The high concentration of the oil settles any loose particles illuminating dust. This is very important for horses who suffer from respiratory

tract infections, asthma, breathing difficulties or coughing.


Reduced feed rate

Harrys Choice has been formulated using the latest cutting-edge technology available to deliver the most nutritious, highly palatable, natural feed using no fillers. This in turn results in a highly concentrated feed equaling lower feed rates.  A bag of Harrys Choice will last you a lot longer then you think, saving you money in the long run.

Contains no molasses

Many horses love the taste of molasses, just like children love the taste of red cordial, however there is no nutritional value to it. Given that it is a by-product and 100% sugar it can negatively impact the horses digestive system, by creating dysbiosis (alteration in bacteria) in the microbiome, which can then lead to many other digestive complications.  


High in roughage

Roughage, (hay and grass) should always form the baseline of the horses’ diet, naturally this is what their digestive system has been built to process. The chewing and grinding process in the mouth is used to break down long stem fibres such as grasses and hay. This is why we have included only long stem fibres in Harrys Choice; to optimise nutrient breakdown and bring feeding horses back to what they have evolved to eat.

Grain and oat free varieties available

We understand that every horse is different, so for horses who may get too much energy from grains or oats we still have a product for you. Our grain-free varieties contains cold-pressed GMO free, organic soy oil for slow and sustained energy release and his highly palatable.  Even the fussiest of eaters won’t go past this feed!

Use high quality, human-grade ingredients

We believe our horses deserve the best that is why we use human grade ingredients which are held to stricter standard in quality.  The all-natural vitamins, amino acids, organic herb extracts, trace elements & mineral tissue salts used have substantial long-term health benefits.

Powerful Antioxidants 

Antioxidants are required for the elimination of toxins in the body and support the liver’s detoxification pathways. They are also required for removal of lactic acid, which builds up and can cause stiffness and extended recovery time in horses with high workloads.        


Ideal for horses with digestive issues - Synbiotics (Pro & Prebiotics)

Both the prebiotics and probiotics in the Competitor feeds help to maintain a healthy digestive tract and protect from further digestive issues commonly seen in high performance horses.              

The Experts

All Harrys Choice Nutritional information is supplied by HIFORM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD and their team of qualified practitioners.

Antoinette Foster: Managing Director, product formulator. Diploma Nutrition (DipNut) Medical Herbalist, Advanced Diploma Nutritional Therapy and Genetics, Diploma Equine Nutritional Therapy USA. 


Vanessa Gillett: Bachelor of Biological Science. Majoring in Zoology and genetics.

Erin Romanin: Bachelor of Health Science. Majoring in Nutritional Medicine.


Tamara Black: Bachelor of Science. Majoring in Veterinary BioScience.

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