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Feed Rates

Competitor- Oats

High performance horses and is a highly digestible, complete and highly concentrated feed.



Alfalfa hay, oaten hay, whole oats, cold pressed, expelled, GMO free soy oil and Hi Form Oxydane™ to provide your horse with an excellent balance of vitamins, mineral tissue salts, amino acids, trace elements and organic herb extracts.



Oxydane™ is a unique, ground breaking formula for racing, harness and higher level performance horses. Oxydane™contains antioxidants, mineral salts & specific vitamins (including vitamin C & E, amino acid Alanine & other supporting nutrients).

Horse owners are only required to top up with Hi Form Oxydane™ with small dose levels to achieve the perfect balance. Dose rate will depend on the level of feed. 

It is important to follow the feed rates advised for your horse. Any variant to the advised feed rates may require additional supplements in order to achieve the perfect nutritional balance.


BODY WEIGHT                       MEDIUM WORK                       HARD WORK

    300kg                                           1.5-2kg                                     2-2.5kg

    500kg                                           2.5-3kg                                     ​3-4kg

    600kg                                           3-3.5kg                                     4-5kg

For further information about supplements and dosage please consult HIFORM's Equine Nutritionist on the link below.

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