From the paddock to the feed shed, Harrys Choice is a unique, high quality feed formulated using the latest cutting-edge research and ingredient technology available.

Our Story

Moulamein Grain Co-operative LTD (MGC) was formed in August 2001 by 26 local progressive farmers who were concerned about grain storage in the Moulamein area. Their first harvest was a total success, receiving approximately 30,000 tonnes of Wheat & Barley.  Since it's inception, the site has lead to a more productive harvest for the local community. It also lead to greater competition for the grain which increased the floor price by an average of $20 per tonne.

Twelve years later, the Moulamein Co-op has grown to 42 members and are shareholders and managers of two other grain storage and handling businesses in addition to the Moulamein site. Nandaly Grain Co-op, which was formed in 2009, and Landsborough West Co-op which formed in 2015. 


In 2016 MGC strategically purchased Northern Valley Stockfeeds as a direct value adding business to our grain handling enterprise.  MGC are also involved in the development of two oaten food products for the human consumption market.


In 2017 the Northern Valley Stockfeeds Mill gained organic certification.


In 2018 Northern Valley Stockfeeds in conjunction with Hiform Australia developed an all-natural horse feed like no other on the market. The Harrys Choice product range consists of 5 different varieties and is distributed Australia-wide.

Hi Form Australia Pty Ltd

founded in 1990, one of

Australia’s most advanced,

successful and reliable equine

supplement companies has

joined forces with Northern

Valley Stockfeeds to produce

the best viable feed options

for the ongoing health and

well-being of your horse in

their Organic Certified Mill.

Brand Ambassador - Harry Coffey